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Carpet Cleaning Services

Clearview Carpet Cleaning

Clearview Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer an array of deep cleaning carpet services to homeowners, renters, office dwellers and business owners throughout Olympia, Shelton, Lacey. We clean just about everything, whether it is an apartment that a tenant is vacating, a badly stained carpet or germ-laden office cubicles. If you’ve got a cleaning job, we can handle it, no matter how big or small.

We Use Powerful Truck Mounted Equipment

Rotovac DHX – Most cleaners still use the old style “wand” scrubbers for cleaning a carpet. While this may be seen as a tried and true method by some it’s a truly out dated method and has been replaced by the marvel known as the Rotovac DHX. The Rotovac DHX has known to thoroughly impress customers with how deep of a clean it’s able to achieve while also restoring splendor to heavily soiled, heavy traffic carpet areas, view more here

Carpet Cleaning Move-Outs

Clearview Carpet Cleaning provides an unparalleled move-out cleaning service for those exiting homes, apartments, offices and commercial buildings. Our cleaning crew will clean your building from top to bottom so that you can focus on moving all of your belongings to your new digs. We can also prepare living and working environments for your arrival.¬† Just tell us what you want cleaned and we’ll exceed your expectations. We clean everything including window sills, ceilings, floors, light fixtures, ceiling fans, faucets, sink basins, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, cabinets¬† and bathrooms.

Superior Carpet Cleaning

One of the top concerns of those who are moving out of a residence or an office is the quality of the carpet. Often times, tenants don’t get their security deposits back due to stained carpets. We have specialized carpet cleaning equipment to eliminate these blemishes so that you can appease your property manager and exit on good terms.

Even if your carpet appears fairly clean, it is likely trapping hidden dirt, allergens and pollutants. It might even be so full of these contaminants that it is releasing them right into your living environment. Don’t expose yourself, your family or your employees to these harmful particles any longer. We use a unique hot water extraction with special truck mounted equipment to pull those allergens, pollutants, dust mites and other contaminants right out of your home’s carpet.

We can also eliminate messes, stains and odors created by pets. You’ll find that our deep carpet cleans leave no residue and that your carpet will dries in a matter of hours. You deserve a contaminant-free carpet as well as a healthy indoor environment and Clearview Carpet Cleaning is here to provide it.

Upholstery Cleaning

We understand that you’ve invested a pretty penny in your home’s furniture. It’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to provide extensive training for our cleaners to clean all types of upholstery. We clean every type of fabric and leather with our specialized tools that get into those narrow and hidden spaces for a thorough clean. We even utilize our carpet cleaning hot water extraction method to sanitize your furniture. After we’ve worked our magic you’ll not only see a difference in your upholstery, you’ll actually feel the difference.