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Duct Cleaning Services

One of the most important parts of home maintenance is keeping your air quality at the highest of levels, keeping it as clean and free of contaminants as possible. Living in a home that has sub-par air quality is a terrible problem to deal with, causing breathing issues, dust buildup throughout the house, and just a general dirty living space altogether. Nobody wants to live in filth, and the possibility of suffering from asthma is a dread that will strike fear into the heart of almost anyone, the lack of your ability to breathe is a very real phobia that almost everybody can share at one time or another. This can all be avoided by the simple action of controlling your home air quality, something as simple as picking out the best air filter possible for your system can cut down on the dust particles and air contaminants that you’ll encounter during the day. While this will help to an extent, it’s really just a starting point and you will almost certainly need to take other steps, more drastic and invasive steps in some cases, in order to guarantee the best possible living situation for your family as well as yourself, this is where duct cleaning comes into the equation.

Dirty Duct System

Duct cleaning is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy, and overall clean home, there’s nothing worse than facing the scourge of blankets of dust on your fan blades, not only is this bad for your health but it’s also a terrible look when guests are walking through your home. As bad as dust is, it’s not even close to the worst side effect of a dirty duct system. Sitting right around the top of the list is the duo of mold and mildew. These two disgusting contaminants will take away your ability to breathe, they’ll leave the most sickening of musty odors through the home, and mold could be far worse than just a cause of asthma it could actually lead to death. While pet dander, fur, food particles, and so many other everyday things could be clogging up your ducts, they all pale in comparison to the effects you could suffer from mold and mildew. With all of the problems you could suffer from these contaminants you really need to consider getting someone in to do a full flush of your ducts in order to assure that you aren’t risking the health of anyone who may be in your home at any time.

duct cleaning services

Servicing Tacoma, Shelton, Olympia and surrounding cities

When it’s time to hire a company to come clean up your ducts, there is only one place to call for the job, Clearview Carpet Cleaning out of Tacoma, Shelton, and Olympia. The process is actually quite interesting, closing off each register in the home, then opening them up one at a time and using high pressure air tools to knock everything loose from the walls of the ducts that were electrostaticly stuck in place before the process began. Once knocked loose the contaminants fall into the vacuum path created by the hose attached to the system, pulling everything out and ensuring that the system runs clean. Once everything is done you’ll be living in a beautiful home that you can be proud of and you can rest assured that you’ll never have to deal with extensive hospital visits due to the disgusting things living in your ducts. You can reach out to Clearview Carpet Cleaning anytime, through their website, they’ll contact you and get everything running as soon as possible. You couldn’t ask for a better company to take care of your home.